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We're specialists in state-of-the-art vision correction and focused on you. CLARITI is not an ordinary eye care center. It's an extraordinary one founded right here in Southern Indiana by Dr. Matthew Fornefeld.

Why Choose CLARITI


If you are seeking LASIK in Bloomington, Indiana call us today to get the answers you have been seeking. We offer free LASIK consultations so that our patients can make informed decisions from experienced professionals. Matthew Fornefeld, MD, Bloomington LASIK expert, also offers other numerous vision correction options: Custom Wavefront LASIK, PRK, Visian ICL™, Crystalens, and Toric Intraocular Implants.

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Cataract Correction

Clariti Advanced Vision Correction and Dr. Fornefeld are dedicated to the customized cataract solution. Dr. Fornefeld has several lens implant options available that offer you the best vision possible for your personal needs. These include the Crystalens®, ReSTOR®, Technis Multifocal, and Toric Lens Implants.

Cataract Correction

Visian ICL

Patients that have high myopia or large amounts of nearsightedness and have traditionally worn very thick glasses might not have been candidates for LASIK eye surgery. If you were previously disqualified for LASIK, contact us directly for a Visian ICL™ consultation.

Visian ICL

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Payment Options

The vision correction procedures offered at CLARITI Advanced Vision Correction are now more affordable! Learn more about our financing plans, and how our payment plans and lower interest financing can help you afford the vision you've always dreamed of!

Payment Options


Read what our valued patients have to say about their relationship with Dr. Fornefeld and their experience at CLARITI Advanced Vision Correction.

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Self Evaluation

Would you like to find out if you are a candidate for an iLASIK vision correction procedure? Take our LASIK Self-Evaluation Test to find out! If you qualify, please make an appointment with Dr. Fornefeld at 812.331.8181.

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Wavefront LASIK ExampleBloomington iLASIK

iLASIK is a state-of-the-art laser vision correction procedure that allows glasses and contact wearers to see clearly like never before! iLASIK combines the wavefront analysis and map technology with the blade-free femtosecond laser technology to create the safest and most reliable laser vision correction procedures.

iLASIK makes it possible for the laser treatment to be completely customized to the unique characteristics of your eyes so that you will receive a superior quality of vision.

The iLASIK procedure

iLASIK uses a Wavescan 3D map to create a “fingerprint” of your cornea. This allows Dr. Fornefeld to determine the unique characteristics and imperfections that need to be corrected and creates a precise treatment plan to follow during the procedure. Next, the Intralase laser, a computer-guided laser, is used to create a thin corneal flap. The CustomVue technology then allows for the precise vision correction to be mapped out on your eye. This technology ensures that even if your eye moves during the procedure your treatment will remain specific and precise.

iLASIK is one of the safest and most trusted forms of vision correction. NASA has approved the iLASIK procedure for its astronauts and the US military has approved iLASIK for all personnel, including Air Force pilots.

Am I a Candidate for iLASIK?

STAR S4 IR Laser for LASIK eye surgery


Although iLASIK has the ability to fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, not everyone is a qualified candidate for iLASIK. Dr. Fornefeld will only perform iLASIK on qualified candidates. In order to be considered for iLASIK you must meet the following requirements:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Have a stable vision for at least two years
  • Be nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism
  • Have no health issues that may affect the eyes

If you are interested in learning more about your iLASIK candidacy please take our LASIK self-evaluation test. If you feel that you meet these basic requirements please feel free to schedule an iLASIK evaluation with our office. During your appointment, you will receive a thorough evaluation to make sure you are a perfect candidate for iLASIK. If you do not qualify for LASIK,  Dr. Fornefeld is happy to recommend an alternative option that is right for you.

How do I know if I am a candidate? What you need to know about iLASIK

The majority of people who meet the age and general health requirements are candidates for iLASIK. You must be at least 18 years of age with a stable prescription for at least one year. You must also be in good general health with no existing eye disease.

What should I expect during my evaluation?

Contact lenses must be removed and not worn for two weeks prior to your exam and procedure. Please plan to be at Clariti for 2-3 hours on evaluation day as several preoperative measurements will be taken at this visit. Dr. Fornefeld will perform a complete examination of your eyes and go over your preoperative measurements in detail with you. After your evaluation with Dr. Fornefeld, you will meet with a technician who will schedule your procedure and review all pre and post-operative instructions.

How is iLASIK performed?

Upon arrival at Clariti, you will receive a mild sedative. Once in the procedure suite, the eyes are anesthetized with eye drops. iLASIK is performed in two steps. First, the corneal flap is made with the Intralase, bladeless technique. Second, the vision correction is completed with the VISX Excimer Laser using Advanced Custom Vue with Iris Registration. After the vision correction, the flap is placed back in position. Postoperative recovery at Clariti is approximately 20 minutes. Dr. Fornefeld will examine the flaps and review post-operative instructions upon your discharge.

How long does it take to perform the procedure?

Typically, you are in the procedure suite for less than twenty minutes. The actual procedure itself is only 1-2 minutes per eye. We ask patients to plan to be at Clariti approximately 2 hours on procedure day.

Is the procedure painful?

No. Topical anesthetic drops are used to numb the eyes as well as the eyelids. You may experience a sensation of pressure during the procedure.

Will both eyes be done at the same time?

Yes. The procedure is completed for both eyes on the same day.

How soon may I return to normal activities after iLASIK?

Most patients resume regular activities the day following their procedure. Protective eyewear is always recommended for sports activities and certain workplace environments.

How long will the results last?

The results are generally permanent. The eyes will go through the natural changes that occur with age. These changes include presbyopia and cataracts.

Does insurance cover iLASIK?

iLASIK is considered an elective procedure. Insurance does not typically cover this type of procedure. It is best for you to check with your insurance company for specific information regarding your benefits.

Is financing available?

Clariti offers 0% financing for 12 or 18 months. Extended payment plans are available with interest rates that apply up to 48 months.